Faux fur throwFaux fur throw
Fur Throws & Cushion Covers
All throws should be dry cleaned only. Although many of the faux furs we offer can be hand washed, they require careful treatment afterwards to brush and restore the pile. The larger sizes are much to heavy to comfortably handle once wet and will cause damage to washing machines because of the weight. For that main reason we specify dry clean only for all throws.

Cushion covers can be hand washed warm. Cold rinse. Do not rub or ring. Do not steam treat. Do not iron. Do not bleach. Brush or comb the fur gently to restore the pile.

Due to the nature of the product, and the materials used, some initial casting of fibres will occur. Most of this is surface shedding as a result of the manufacturing process. This should reduce very quickly, particularly after cleaning, but a light vacuuming before use will eliminate most loose fibres and shedding.

Canvas Prints
All of our canvas prints are produced using heavy-weight canvas and stretched onto frames. If they are subjected to extremes of temperature or atmospheric conditions the frames may warp and twist or the canvases become loose on the frame. Please do not store them in damp, extremely cold or extremely hot conditions. Hanging them directly above a radiator or strong heat source is also not recommended. It is advisable to lightly dust them from time to time, but if they should become marked it is possible to lightly wipe them with a damp cloth or sponge to attempt to remove. Do not rub hard or use detergents or chemicals. It is possible that if exposed to strong direct sunlight the colours may begin to fade after a period of time.
Coffee Tables, Block Tables, Display & Storage Pieces
Most of our coffee tables have been finished with a hard natural wax finish. The only aftercare required is to dust them as you would normal furniture and apply furniture wax/polish as and when required. Some pieces may have been piled and then waxed, but require the same treatment. We would like to mention that some of our pieces are produced from 'green' timber (timber which is unseasoned) or only partly-seasoned timber. In these cases the wood will continue to dry out over a period of time and further cracks and splits will undoubtedly occur; this is an intentional part of the piece and only adds to the overall character. Placing furniture very close to radiators or strong heat sources is not recommended. Centrally-heated environments, which are quite dry, will cause timber to dry quicker. In these instances we suggest regular waxing or oiling. Care should be taken when moving any pieces of our furniture as most of them are very heavy.
Garden Furniture
All of the standard pieces that we offer for use in the garden is made from oak. Oak is a naturally resilient hardwood, and most would agree benefits from being left untreated. By leaving untreated, the timber will become grey and 'worn' looking. It is used extensively for gates, outdoor beams, pergolas etc., and usually left untreated. However, if a more 'finished' look is desirable, it is best to oil the timber regularly. All of our oak garden furniture is left untreated, but we will be happy to finish with oil at an additional cost if requested at point of ordering. Care should be taken when moving any piece of garden furniture as they will be extremely heavy.


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